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SEO Campaings

Search Egine positioning, Advertising and campaings in google and facebook.


With a little advertising inversion with CORPOWEB PRYECTOS C.A., you could place your product or service on sight of 90% of web users, that means millions and millions of potential clients that need what you're selling.

With this service you can advertise yourself on GoogleTM buying a prepaid click package

Depending on the package you choose, will be the number of clicks you get, you only pay the service, we do the rest.

This service guarantees that our team of experts will do your online campaign creating your advertising, and keywords to promote your products or services on the target market.

Available packages
500 Clicks Unlimited
1000 Clicks Unlimited
2000 Clicks Unlimited
4000 Clicks Unlimited

Your adds will be shown to people that go on GoogleTM to do searches intimately related to your product or service

That way, your adds will only be shown when somebody looks a related word with your product. For Example, if you sell Ballet lessons, when someone looks for the word "Ballet" will see your add, but it also will be shown if they look for related words like "Dance", "Dance Academy", etc. To segment your market even more we could limit your Advertising campaing to only be seen by people that are located in the USA area. This way we'll get that the people that see your add are really potential clients and not anyone that is only interested in Ballet.

Now, if you sell a product of international reach we can do a world wide Advertising Campaign that can be limited by language (for example: it only shows to French-speaking people) or it can be shown around the world in more than 54 languages.

¿How can i make my adds?

Your adds will be created by our experts having in mind what your website sells and the correct keywords for your site. Our experience guarantees your success.

¿How can you see the clicks progress?

Once a month, you'll be sent an e-mail with the progress of clicks by the hour and the watched impressions.


¿How are calculations made? Everytime a potential client clicks on the add and enters your website -with buying intentions- it pays itself.

The simple fact that users click voluntarily represents a fundamental difference from the interruptive advertising of traditional media: Newspapers, T.V., radio, magazines, etc.

¿Can you imagine putting a full page add on the newspaper, and only paying for the ammount of people that effectively sees it? That's what Facebook offers.

You'll never pay more than your inversion budget, because the quantity of visits to your website and the cost of each click on the add are specified at the beginning of your advertising campaing on Facebook.

By putting and add on Facebook you'll generate thousands of visits to your website, which translates to sales rising, at much lower costs than traditional media: Newspapers, T.V., Radio, Magazines, Yellow Pages, etc.

¿What is Facebook?

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. More than 500 million people connected with each other. The Facebook audience is by far superior to any other mass media like TV Channels, Radio stations, or Printed Media.

¿What consecuences brings Facebook to Marketing?

Facebook is revolutionizing marketing, not only by the size of it's audience, but also because of the robotic engeneering that is behing it's functioning, that allows to do inteligent and analytic marketing. For example, now it's possible to know, without an expensive marketing research, in which countries are the most population of young people between the ages of 18 and 35 y/o that like Retro music, soccer and a specific brand of beer.

¿In which way can Facebook adds help you reach your targeted market?

Before Facebook's statistics analysis, it's possible to reach the target market by a precise market segmentation, by: gender, age, location - country, city, county-, education level, likings, interests, product prefferences, hobbies, favorite shows, language, etc.

segmentation possibilities are endless.

¿What other advantages presents this type of advertising on Facebook?

Facebook advertising is not interruptive, because it relates the content of the add with the users profiles and with the social actions they're doing. That means, Advertising that doesn't look like advertising because it's contextual.

Furthermore, unlike traditional advertising, you only pay when the users click on the add, this way obtaining high profit from the advertising inversion -ROI-.

CORPOWEB implements and optimizes your advertising campaign on Facebook.

¿Why do we optimize your campaign? Because the last word always comes from the users; then, coming from an initial campaign, we measure in real time the results, and from the results we make continous upgrades in the messages and segmentations.

Available Packages
500 Clicks Unlimited
1000 Clicks Unlimited
2000 Clicks Unlimited