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We give the best web design service, on-line systems, on-line campaigns, traditional advertising and an insuperable post-sale support.


Corporate identity, logos, advertising campaigns

Corporate Identity

Modern world organizations look to diferentiate one another by their corporate identities, which has to coherently communicate the company´s philosophy.

In this regard, we develop your organization´s graphic identity: Starting with your logo´s design, based on the marketing objectives and possible applications and reproductions in different printed media like bussiness cards, custom letterhead, envelopes, bills, stickers, folders, embroidery and custom markings, etc.

Multimedia Presentations

Every day, more and more companies that are looking for catalogs or multimedia CD-ROMs for their advantages: they are an instrument with a great visual impact, where you can add texts, images, animations, videos and music in a dynamic and interactive presentation.

These characteristics turn it into an ideal medium to make the identity well known and help promote it, their informative or advertising content, interactive catalogs, technical guidelines, historic-turistic and cultural heritage guidelines, etc.

  • Show dynamic and interactive content
  • The information can be updated easily
  • Low reproduction cost
  • It´s a direct marketing tool
  • Long permanency, it can be consulted many times
  • It can be used as a personal or corporate presentation
  • Autorun: Upon inserting the CD-ROM, the presentation will automatically reproduce itself
  • Capacity: 700 MB
  • Applications:

Sales / Marketing:
Bussiness presentation, Sales database, Pricelists and Catalogs, Advertising gifts, Distributors list, Products demos, 3D product presentation, Market analisys, Digital catalog, Extranet clients, Shareware launch, Web Links, etc.

Direct sales:
Games, Salutation cards, Software, Pictures, Art and image, Special promotions, Corporate, Graphics, Design specifications, Production reports.

New products releases, Health cards, Specifications and recycling, Medical software, Service catalog, Technical information, Preemptive Campaign, Access key to restricted web.

Art and Events:
Invitations, Videos, Event advertising, Media kits, Tickets, Audio, Games.

Turistic information, Agencies, Restaurants, Hotels, Reservations, Services, Train Schedule, airplanes, ships, buses.

Job search:
Curriculum Vitae, Work portfolio, for example: Designers and/or Architects.

Advertising Campaigns

Positioning strategies, Marketing and new product releases, we have the capacity to make high impact advertising messages, Ideas that make earnings through highly creative concepts, developed by professionals with experience in the area.

Public Relations

We plan and assess the realization of events, campaigns and/or public relations plans for institutions and enterprises, we base in your organization's philosophy to create or modify attitudes, beliefs and behaviours in the target audience, to benefit both parts.