We develop projects for all of
america and europe.


We give the best web design service, on-line systems, on-line campaigns, traditional advertising and an insuperable post-sale support.


Hosting in shared, dedicated, and semi-dedicated servers. Web domain registration.


At the momment of hosting a website it's a good thing to pay attention to the data transfer speed from the server where it'll be hosted, as well as the technical characteristics and the installed extensions or plug-ins.

All our plans have the next characteristics:
  • Unix o NT Platform
  • Unlimited POP accounts
  • Adobe DreamWeaver® extensions
  • Transfer via FTP
  • autonomous CGI-BIN
  • Detailed visitor statistics (Audience meter)
  • Password protected access
  • We accept Adobe Flash® Shockwave
  • PHP Language
  • Perl 5.0
  • Tech Support
  • SSL Access

Web domain registration

Once the art or the web design is done, we proceed to register it and publish it online afterwards.

We take care of the paperwork related to your domain name. The client only pays the corresponding fee of the registration, and we provide the paperwork as a gratuitous service when aquiring the hosting or custom website design plans.

If you do not own a website, we recommend the first place to register your name, because it may already be registered (the same name) in another country.

  • We offer a wide array of free services to our clients.
  • Set Up or Installation of the website in the server.
  • Website's registration on national and international search engines.
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts.
  • Detailed visitor statistic software: It's a software that can be consulted on-line, where the owner gets information about the traffic on the site, That means that you'll know the ammount of users that visit your website, at what hour, more visited sections, and home countries of the visitors. It's possible also to measure the duration of each visit and other important statistic data that allows you to know, the efectiveness and reach of this tool.