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Custom Web Designs

We are experts in creating custom designs in Wordpress and Online Stores

Why Corpoweb?

Every business is different, at Corpoweb, we do not believe in “prefabricated designs”, but in the originality of each project. Thus texts, images, colors and other contents are created exclusively for you and your business, involving a challenge and motivation for our designers.

How can they help you?

One of the most relevant effects of web design is related to positioning, a well-built corporate website will be better positioned in Google, so whenever a user or potential client searches the network for a certain term related to your business or with the products or services you offer, your site will be found among the first search results.

The psychological aspect is not less relevant; if the website has been designed taking into account the consumer’s profile which is targeted, it will be easier to retain a potential client and, therefore, there will be more possibilities of increasing your invoice and online reputation.


How do we do it?

We are ruled by excellence and quality in our organization. For this reason, each website designed by Corpoweb gathers the detailed work of the best group of professionals. A team that thoroughly analyzes the situation of your business or institution; and also, the values of your logo and brand you want them to be associated with, and the objective in which you expect to achieve them.

It is a powerful content management platform with a great amount of features designed to make publishing information easy and simple.

Some of its characteristics are:
  • It can act as content manager, as a blog or both simultaneously, which allows you to have a business website with your corporate blog, all managed in a simple way by a single tool.
  • Your websites and articles are dynamically generated as you publish, so the updates are easy and fast.
  • By having an international base, it allows you to have blogs and websites in almost any language.
  • It is easy to link up to your favorite social networks and those of your visitors.
  • You can or cannot accept comments on pages and articles and, if you accept them, you can moderate them, so that your communication skills and obtaining information from your visitors increase.
  • The articles are organized in categories, which facilitates the work for you and the visitors.
  • Its integrated search tool makes it easy for users to navigate.
  • You can schedule the publication of articles and pages, which will allow you to organize your work or that of the writing team more efficiently.
  • It allows creating different users with different rights of administration and edition of contents.
  • Using templates and themes makes redesigning the whole site faster and easier than page by page.
  • The WordPress community continuously makes available to its users a large number of plugins that increase the basic capacity of the application.
  • The contents are easily syndicated by feed RSS to facilitate its distribution and publication in different webs and platforms.
  • It works on PHP and MySQL.
  • It allows the incorporation of audio files (podcast) YouTube videos integration with Google maps and social networks.
  • It supports the use of permalinks (permanent links and easy to remember), so that the searchers can index the website in their database.
  • It separates the content and design in XHTML and CSS which lightens its weight to enhance the experience through mobile devices.