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Collective holiday vacations 2012

Estimated clients: by this mean, we want to salute you, it is an honor for us to have your preference and because of that we express our most sincere and best wishes this special time of the year. Christmas is a holiday in which, for a momment, we leave aside everything to do with money, and focuson the people we love, because they are the most valuable thing we have in life. May this be a holiday that fills with love and peace every corner of the world and may we have the possibility of sharing with the people that need it the most. We wish from the bottom of our hearts that this holiday brings you and your family closer, and that the christmas magic live forever with you. CORPOWEB PROYECTOS, C.A. wants to announce our collective holidays starting from December 18th 2012, until January 14th 2013. We'd appreciate it if it is any emergency to contact us at



or a this number: 0412-515-01-22

Let's welcome this new year with joy and good fortune.